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Martine Johanna, an artist I find absolutely amazing, made a zine -Milk- together with a friend and it looks so good -and it has a pretty good price- I really wish I wasn’t broke right now…But if you do have the funds, click here, you can also find a neat overview of the zine and its content. BeautifulBeautifulBeautiful *echo*
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Marjolein van Haasteren - Pendragon Revisited
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Auke Wassenaar - Grootvader, 1987
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Juan Muñoz - Listening figure, 1991
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IS from ”I Imagine Yes Is The Only Living Thing”
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Anna Atterling made this ring.
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Mafune Gonjo - Beauty has a Thorn
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This was hanging in a small room and it just looked amazing. You were allowed to take pictures in the museum so I did. But then I received a text message, and my phone makes a noise as if a doorbell. For some reason that woke up the museum security person, and from that point on he just kept following me around the museum. That was weird.The point of this post, however, is that the painting is just really amazing. There’s a beautiful lone mood in it. The style, the colours; to me it really all came together. Again, I can’t seem to find a better image online.Seen at the National Museum in Stockholm. Ejnar Nielsen - The sculptor Andreas F.V Hansen and his wife 
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Otto Dix - Dame mit Fuchspelz (Lady with Fox Boa)1925After a museum visit, I usually re-visit my favourite works by looking for them online.In this case that seemed to be impossible. It’s nowhere to be found..